The Optomap

The Optomap Retinal Exam non-invasively generates an instantaneous, ultra-widefield digital scan of the retina, revealing important information for the comprehensive evaluation of systemic and ocular health without  the use of dilating drops. The 200 degree internal scan is captured in a quarter of a second and is performed as an initial step in a comprehensive eye exam,  giving our practitioners a tool to help discover retinal disease.

The optomap retinal exam provides you and our doctors with an opportunity to interactively review and discuss the results of your exam.  Our doctors will educate you on the various structures of the retinal and explain treatment options for any conditions revealed by the exam.  The more knowledgeable you are about diseases, the more likely you will understand and follow our recommendatins for treatment and prevention.

The optomap retinal exam takes minutes to perform; it is fast, painless, adn comfortable for patients.  It is particularly helpful when you return for your annual exam as it provides a permanent record of the condition of your retina.  We will compare  each year’s optomap retinal exam image side by side to discover even subtle changes and monitor your continuing eye health.  Early detection of retinal disorders is critical to preventing serious progression and loss of vision.